Robot Examples

Click the link at the beginning of each example to show a page containing an applet running that particular program.

The applets on the linked pages have been tested with IE 5.5, IE 6.0, Netscape 7, Opera 6.05, and Mozilla 1.2.1.

Pick up three thing objects from consecutive locations immediately in front of the robot. Move to the next location, put all three things down again, and then move one more time.
Initial Situation Final Situation

Use one robot to make a graph using piles of things as the data. Because the piles have randomly generated sizes, running the program may produce a graph different from the one shown here.
Initial Situation Final Situation

Use multiple robots to make a graph. While one robot works, the others remain idle.
Initial Situation Midway Situation

Use multiple robots to make a graph. All the robots work simultaneously.
Initial Situation Midway Situation

Use multiple robots form a checkerboard. No artifical intelligence here, but each individual CheckerBot must remember who it is so that it can respond to commands from the keyboard.